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Åte VRs vision

Åte VR wants to create health and well-being, to people who need help, through Virtual Reality applications that are present and cater to human beings. We want to bring independence and control to the citizen.



VRiAT stands for Virtual Reality intensive Arm Training. This project is made in collaboration with Hammel Neurocenter. It’s a neuro-rehabilitation tool made specifically for stroke patients with shoulder-arm and -hand disabilities. With this system, occupational therapists can take their patients through an graduated rehabilitation programme that’s both engaging and fun.

Gonio VR

Gonio VR is a physiotherapy Virtual Reality (VR) rehabilitation tool that allows dor accurate Range Of Motion (ROM) measurements and helps patients with their rehabilitation. Gonio VR is developed in collaboration with physiotherapists and experts, ensuring that your rehabilitation is fun, measurable and tailored to your exact level and progression. The program has several different functions for both the patient and the therapist.

VR Snoezelen

VR Snoezelen is a tool that primarily affects the user’s sensory stimuli. The product is made in collaboration with Fenrishus in Aarhus. VR Snoezelen is not a game but aims to stimulate the user through an ocean of interactive environments. The product has therapeutic and calming effect on the user. VR Snoezelen is a highly mobile solution, and allow for calming therapy where ever you are.

The team

Åte VR Ege Jespersen



Åte VR Samuel Jessen



Åte VR Frederik Mølgaard



What we do

Åte VR creates VR products that; treat, diagnose or link these two elements, to different citizen groups with treatment needs. Each VR product, created by Åte VR, is useful, fun, attractive, engaging and reflects a great expert knowledge.


  • Inclusive Design Process – close and customer-focused collaboration
  • Expertise in the Virtual Reality field
  • Value creation through each project
  • Passionate and energetic staff

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